M. S. Lavanya & M. S. Subbalaxmi

Interview with Saxophone Sisters – M. S. Lavanya & M. S. Subbalaxmi

Thank you Lavanya and Subbalaxmi for sparing your valuable time for this interview. First of all we would like to know how your musical journey started?

Music is in our blood. My father is a Mridangist and my grandfather was a musician in the erstwhile Royal Court of Mysore. We started our musical journey at a very tender age of 6 years. At a later stage, when I was 15, started learning saxophone from Indian Saxophone maestro, Padmashree Dr. Kadri Gopalnath.

What sorts of music you like to play during a concert?

We mostly play bollywood and Carnatic music. We enjoy playing fusion, western and jazz too. Though it depends upon the kind of audience we have, we get appreciation for our own compositions too.

Normally female play sitar, voilen, veena etc. how come you decided to play saxophone?

Dr. Gera, I do agree that most of female won’t prefer to play saxophone. We always wanted to do something different. Now travel all over the world because of our music. We believe and recommend to play or try whatever instrument you like, irrespective of gender.

Recently, you have played saxophone for a music recording of Asha Bhosle ji. How was your experience?

It was a great recording session for Bengali movie named ‘PAARA PAR’. The music is composed by Soumyojit and Sourendro. These songs are sung by the Legendary Asha Bhonsle ji, Koushiki Chakraborthy and an instumental theme song for the movie. I’m sure that people would defiantly love the songs and appreciate the work. We are very excited for the release of the movie.

Thank you Lavanya and Subbalaxmi for talking to us. We wish you all the very best for your success in life.

As told to Dr. Vineet Gera

M. S. Lavanya & M. S. Subbalaxmi
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