Mr. Pankaj Malhotra

Interview with Mr, Pankaj Malhotra, Director-Corporate Sales, Epic India Tours & Events Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon

Q: Hi Pankaj, Welcome! Tell us brief profile of Epic India Tours & Events Pvt. Ltd.

A: Epic India Tours & Events Pvt. Ltd. is a full service Destination, Incentive, Meeting and Event Production company with over five years of experience. Established in 2003 Epic India is a brand looked forward by corporate sector for flawless management of events and tours.

Q: What sorts of services you provide?

A: International Tours
Incentive Groups and Dealer’s Meets
Corporate Training Programs and Team Building
Leisure and Adventure Tours
Conference and Conventions
Corporate Events
Wedding Management

Q: What should be the one biggest quality of an event organizer?

A: I believe, quick decision making. Event Management is the field which is full of challenges. Therefore, an event organizer should be able to take quick decisions. I’ve experienced this many times, when on the spot you are suppose to take a decision and make the things happen.

Q: Pankaj, How do you see the future of Indian Event Management Industry?

A: This Industry is growing at a very fast pace. Every aspect of event management is a big business itself. Be it wedding planning, corporate events, brand activation or exhibitions. In coming days, I see a very bright future in event management field.

Q: Pankaj, What message you would like to give to budding event managers?

A: My sincere advice to all who are keen to take event management as career, understand this industry and gain proper training for it. This is very bright industry but at the same time it’s very demanding too. Always have a flair of creativity and research in order to make sure that you render best for your client. Wish you all the best.

As told to Ms. Barkha Rani

Q: Hi Nupur. Thank you for giving your valuable time to us. Tell us about your wedding planning company.

A: Diva wedding planning came to existence in the year 2007. Gone are the days when family members used to manage the entire wedding stuff. Now people understand the value of that priceless moment. That’s why they prefer to pass on all the arrangement part to professional wedding planner like us. We, being specialist in the field, make their wedding unique and special one. We have different teams to take care of different work assignments.

Q: What type of assignments a wedding planning company need to undertake?

A: Wedding planning company should remain ready to undertake all the related assignments. Be it related to travel, stay, catering, entertainment or gifting. As I discussed earlier, we have different specialized teams to undertake these tasks. Our main focus remains on detailed planning. I am a strong believer of “Well planned event is well executed event”.

Q: How you see Diva Wedding Planners after 5 years from now?

A: Barkha, learning is never ending process. When I finish any event and review the event with my team, I always observe new learning. We see ourselves as much more value added team 5 years down the line.

Q: Can you recall any moment where u did any crisis management?

A: Oh yes ! An event manager should be ready to take care of crisis situation. I remember a very funny incidence, last month I was doing a wedding at a farm house in Delhi. Sangeet function was suppose to start at 8.00 PM. I was just doing the final touch ups at 7.30PM. I received a call from my DJ he can’t come as his mother suddenly faced some medical issue. Now, my show is lined up right after 30 mins. I asked one of my teammate to copy the tracks from my laptop (I always carry dance numbers and some non stop numbers in my laptop). Sound technician had the basic knowledge to operate the consol. I guided him throughout the show and we were able to manage the show. No doubt, that a DJ can’t be replaced with a sound technician, but that was the need of hour.

Q: What message you would like to give to budding wedding planners?

A: Always be hungry for more. Let ideas and creativity fly in your mind. In wedding planning business it’s idea, what sells first. Then obviously, the execution should also take place in the same manner. For us wedding planning is a business, but for our client, it’s a very valuable occasion. A wedding planner must think from the perspective of client. Make sure that you have sufficient amount of knowledge and practice as well.

As told to Ms. Barkha Rani

Mr. Pankaj Malhotra
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